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9 countries, and counting...

GCMER has grown its family from 13 students in 1 country to more than

600 members in 9 countries... Want to be a part of our family?
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6. United Kingdom

7. Palestine

8. Kyrgyzstan

9. Bangladesh

... and counting




For growing to 40 MEMBERS in 20 days!

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How GCMER is growing the culture of
medical innovation and research globally

GCMER was started in June 2020 with the aim to increase knowledge of research amongst medical students. The pandemic has shown the medical world that innovation is a successor of research, and a precursor for future medical technologies.

Thus, GCMER is now determined to inculcate and incubate a mindset of innovation in the clinicians of tomorrow through our workshops, competitions and events.
Our ambassadors in various countries are the flagbearers of change, and leaders of their respective medical community of medical students.

We also aim to collaborate with relevant healthcare innovation communities in the respective countries to propagate our goal further.

Meet Our Global Ambassadors

Our Country Partners

If you are an organisation or company and want to be a GCMER Country Partner, contact us

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