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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

“We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view.” -Mao Zedong

As the exam season is finishing, everyone is gearing up for a new year in medical school. This year, why not try something new? Research is a word that feels big and undoable but it’s really not. Research could be just like the quote, it could be a way for you to have an entirely different view. Research is one of the topmost thing looked at in a CV of a medical student. This is especially true for exams like USMLE and PLAB.

Here are three opportunities in India that can be your first step towards research.


I’m sure you’ve heard of this at least once in college, either from a friend who's doing it or through teachers, etc.

ICMR-STS is now open for application for the year 2023.

But, what exactly is it?

Indian council of medical research(ICMR) is a renowned research body in the world. It is the hub for biomedical research in India and one of oldest and largest in the world.

STS stands for short term studentship.

The ICMR initiated the STS Program in 1979 in order to promote interest and aptitude for research among medical undergraduates. The main objective of this program is to provide an opportunity to undergraduate medical students to familiarize themselves with research methodology and techniques by being associated for a short duration with their seniors on ongoing research programs or by undertaking independent projects. It was expected that this may serve as an incentive for them to take up research as a career in the future.

Who can apply?

MBBS and BDS students of all years can apply.

When and where can I apply?

Online registration starts: 20th December, 2022 (10:00am) till 16th January, 2023 (by 11:59 pm) and Online application submission starts: 20th December, 2022 (9:00am) till 27th January, 2023 (by 11:59 pm). Application is to be submitted on the main ICMR-STS Page. Click the link to the apply-

What’s the process?

After submission, the application proposals are reviewed and evaluated by the ICMR. The results will be announced by the end of March, 2023 or first week of April, 2023 and a list of selected students to undertake STS research work will be displayed on the STS website.

The selected students are to carry out the research for 2 months. ICMR provides you with a research grant of Rs. 25,000/- per month (Total- Rs. 50,000/-). This stipend will be given after final selection of the STS Report.

The e-certificates from the year 2023 onwards, will be now awarded in three categories based on the merit obtained on the research report as given below: 1. STS Excellence certificate for highest distinction (Grade A- Outstanding). 2. STS Excellence certificate for high distinction (Grade B- Excellent) 3. STS completion certificate (Grade C&D Satisfactory)

How do I begin?

1. Find a guide in your college.

A guide is a teacher/professor who can help you pick a topic for the project and guide you throughout the process of the studentship.

Approach any professor from your preferred department.

2. Pick a research topic.

Finding a research topic can be difficult and a tedious job. Firstly, choose a preferred subject or area of interest. For eg, Cardiology or Anatomy, Go through your textbook and choose a select topic. Google the topic and see the recent advances or previous papers on the topic. This way you’ll get an idea of what topic is interesting and can be chosen.

Discuss the topic with your mentor and finalize a research topic.

3. Write the Research proposal.

Instructions for the research proposal writing have been given on the ICMR-STS page. Here’s the link for it-

Why should I do it?

  • This will help you understand more about research and learn more.

  • This program is conducted by a renowned institution.

  • CV building

  • From this knowledge you can also conduct more researches for getting published in other scientific journals

2. Summer Training Program 2023

CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad (CSIR-CCMB)

A summer training program is available at CSIR, Hyderabad. This summer training program gives you wet laboratory experience.

What is it?

It is a program of a duration of 2 months that was established to cultivate the zeal for research. The selected students are given a project to carry out in the labs present at CCMB under the supervision of the faculty. It provides real time exposure and hands-on experience. A lecture series on popular science topics, scientific ethics, good laboratory practices, and opportunities in life sciences are organized for the students. At the end of the program, students must submit a ‘Project Report’ of the work done and also are required to make a poster presentation.

Who can apply?

The program is open to the following students from all branches of life science studying at any Indian University/College/Research Institute.

  • M.Sc. Program: Students admitted in 2021 (who finished the first year of M.Sc).

  • B.Tech./B.Pharm Program: Students admitted in the year 2019 (who finished 3 years of B. Tech).

  • Integrated B.Tech.-M.Tech or B.Sc-M.Sc. or BVSc: Students who finished 8th Semester (or 4 years of their study)

  • MBBS /BDS students in any year of their study can apply.

  • M.Tech/ M.Pharm students are not eligible

When and where to apply?

The online submissions will begin around February/March.

Tentative dates for 2023:

  • Last date for submission-21st March

  • Display of the list of selected candidates on CCMB homepage-31st March

  • Last date for selected candidates to inform their acceptance: 11th April

  • Tentative dates of joining CCMB: Between 23rd May - 06th June

The submissions are to be made on the main website page. All the necessary documents required for submission are mentioned in the page linked below. Link:

Why should I apply?

  • This is an incredible opportunity for those students who are interested in working in labs as well as those who have a keen interest towards research.

  • Hands-on experience.

  • It will help broaden your knowledge of research.

  • CV building

3. Developing Indian Physician Scientists(DIPS) workshop 2023

Developing Indian physician scientists(DIPS) workshop is to be held at JIPMER, Puducherry this year on February 17-19,2023.

What is it?

The DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance has been holding Developing Indian Physician Scientists (DIPS) workshops since 2017 with the aim of igniting scientific curiosity in young doctors while promoting an understanding of the frontiers of medicine and related sciences, and to encourage them to undertake research as a career. The focus will be on introducing the participants to research and the use of quantitative methods in medicine and public health. Eminent physician-scientists will make up the workshop faculty and around 40 participants will be invited to attend.

Who can apply?

MBBS students (5th semester and above, or interns) in an Indian medical college can apply.

When and where to apply?

  • Online applications are now open. Those willing to attend should fill the google form linked below by January 22, 2023 midnight.

  • The selected candidates will be informed by January 30,2023. These candidates are then expected to confirm their participation by paying the refundable deposit of Rs. 3000/- by February 5, 2023.

(link for google form:

Why should I apply?

  • Incredible opportunity to learn more about the rapid developments in biomedicine and information technology like artificial intelligence, public health, vaccine technology, etc.

  • Good way to connect with like-minded individuals

  • Networking and CV building


These were three research opportunities in India that are now open to applications/submissions. Well, then, what are you waiting for?! Grab your opportunity and enjoy the different, new experiences while learning something.

Links for research:

Official sites:

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